Best Sandwich Filling in the UK?

Best Sandwich Filling in the UK?

What is the best sandwich in a pub garden in Laxfield, Suffolk?

Believe it or not, the best sandwich filling in the UK is…not Coronation Chicken or B.L.T. Neither is it tuna mayonnaise or smoked salmon. It’s, yes you’ve guessed it, cheese. Just cheese.

Warburtons recently surveyed 2,000 Brits and found that over 50 per cent of them ranked a plain cheese sandwich as their favourite, compared to quite a few other, tasty fillings. We wonder what your favourite is with a pint of real ale in Laxfield

The runner up to the winning filling was ham and cheese, then ham salad and then sausage. Other preferences included egg mayonnaise, tuna mayo, and chicken mayo.

The Low House kitchen now provides a delicious range of sandwiches made with fresh local ingredients and delicious bread – just ask Daniel our Head Chef. Tell him what your favourite sandwich filling is and we will be using your opinion to update our lunch menu…we may even use your name to promote it!

Contact Daniel, by August 13th with your fave filling by clicking the link below, and come back soon to find out if we’re going to introduce it…

My favourite filling for sandwiches on the pub menu